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Our Mission at CEBELIB CONSULTS is to help drive success businesses and companies across the country, to help people become the best they can in their various fields of endeavours. See some of our services below.




The minimum global measurement for Business success is $1m value. If at the moment your business is operating below a capital of $1m, then you need real-time, hard core consulting to drive your business forward to the point where it can be generally accepted as successful by increase the financial value of your success.
Business is an art just like any other practice or game, if you understand the practice properly then you will be inevitably successful. But unfortunately over 70% of individuals across the country delve into the world of business with no Business training but only service skills. Service skills like engineering, literacy etc. can never substitute the actual business skills and people void of business skills are bound to fail in business. This is partly the reason for the economic lapse within the region – absence of business acumen. Business practice goes far beyond the common practice of buying and selling, its an entire process that is to be learnt both by training and practice.
That is why we are driving this awareness, it creates an avenue for us to Train people and reposition them for business success (both Managers and Employees). And deliver other solutions that can drive up business success for other companies. We understand clearly that most CEOs can’t possibly go back to the class rooms so we are here to substitute and deliver all possible solutions that can ensure the path for success for all businesses.

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You can visit our Office from 9am to 4pm Our Office is located at No.67 Chinda Street off Ada George